The DAF S.R.L. Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we are able to provide our customers with a complete range of systems and services for the treatment of various types of waste ensuring full compliance with national and EU regulations.
The company objective it has set itself the DAF S.R.L goes on to satisfy the needs of public and private companies with the sole purpose for proper ecological management whilst minimising the impact on the environment.
With the experience gained in the construction industry and infrastructure, the DAF S.R.L. we are able to resolve in a timely efficient manner any kind of problem in regards to the treatment and recovery of non-hazardous waste from construction, demolition and excavation in general, taking care of all the services for the management of waste from their sampling until their recovery.

Its activity is divided into the following phases:

  • View yard and c / or the production unit for monitoring and service organisation
  • Significant sample of the waste levy
  • Analysis and classification (by certified agreement External laboratory)
  • Loading
  • Transport with duly authorised equity (enrollment c / or the National Register of Waste Managers the Milan Chamber of Commerce at position No. MI 23082)
  • Conferring c / or your Busto Garolfo facility (MI), with authorised disposal Executive of the province of Milan n ° 310/2008 for the exercise of the retention (R13), and treatment of inert hazardous waste (R5).
  • Enhancement with recovery of Secondary Raw Materials (paper, cardboard, iron, plastic, etc.). by manual and mechanical sorting sorting.
  • Enhancement with recovery of Secondary Raw Materials (sand, gravel, stabilized) by grinding, sieving and washing of inert materials (rubble, brick, cement, sand, clay, etc.).